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A key design objective in the development of modern motor vehicles is ensuring functional safety. The safety standard ISO 26262 "Road vehicles - Functional safety" describes a lifecycle model for the development of safety-relevant electrical or electronic (E/E) systems in automobiles.

This training class will provide you with the necessary knowledge for the practical application of ISO 26262 and shed light on how to implement the standard in your daily work projects. The duration and thematic focus will be tailored to your specific needs.

Target Audience

This customized training class is targeted at OEMs, suppliers, and engineering service providers that want to train multiple staff members in self-chosen ISO 26262 topics.


You can fully customize the focus of this training class by selecting ISO 26262 topics that matter to you from a list. You can also select a duration that suits your needs.

★★★★★ Participant from Volkswagen AG

"Thank you very much for the functional safety training! It really helped me to gain an even deeper understanding of the functional safety world.”


Available in English and German


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