Our Company

Model Engineering Solutions was founded in 2006 - already aware that the quality of embedded automotive software is becoming more and more important for our clients. 10 years later, we continue to focus on integrated quality assurance of software, not just in cars but also in automation technology.

Today we employ more than 60 employees. That a third of them hold a doctorate demonstrates the high standard of our work. Whether verifying entire development processes or creating tailor-made solutions for our customers, our work is always aligned with our five company values: excellence, specialization, flexibility, uniqueness, and independence.

Our management team

Dr. Heiko Dörr

Dr. Heiko Dörr (Chief Executive Officer)

Heiko Dörr was appointed CEO of Model Engineering Solutions (MES) in Berlin in January 2016, after years of experience as a managing partner. A trailblazer of model-based development from the very beginning, he strives to open new fields for its application. He ensures that the competences within the company are well-aligned to drive quality in all areas in the right direction.


Dr. Hartmut Pohlheim

Dr. Hartmut Pohlheim (Chief Technology Officer)

Hartmut Pohlheim is the strong backbone of our technology development. He is CTO out of firm conviction and manages customer projects as well as our in-house software development team with an unwavering commitment to the highest quality and efficiency. Our customers value his inexhaustible technical knowledge and his pragmatic, hands-on approach to challenging technology questions. Testers fear him for his zero tolerance policy when it comes to errors.