ISO 26262 Awareness Training

Functional Safety 101 – ½ or 1 day

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Ensuring functional safety is a key design objective for modern motor vehicles. Persons involved in the execution of the safety lifecycle shall have a sufficient level of skills, competence and qualification corresponding to their responsibilities. This involves that all staff members involved in the development of safety-related E/E systems should have a fundamental understanding of functional safety and the ISO 26262 standard.

Our ISO 26262 awareness training provides a basic understanding of

  1. key functional safety terms and concepts,
  2. the relationship between functional safety and related disciplines such as SOTIF and cybersecurity,
  3. the scope of the ISO 26262 standard as well as
  4. a high-level overview of the safety life cycle according to ISO 26262.

Note: The functional safety 101 training is not intended to replace a more detailed, competency specific training. If you are interested in getting a deeper understanding of ISO 26262, refer to our range of extended ISO 26262 training classes.

Target Audience

This training class is targeted at all staff members involved with the development of safety-related automotive E/E systems, who need a fundamental ISO 26262 awareness training. This training class is suitable for persons with no prior knowledge regarding ISO 26262.


  • Safety terminology (harm, risk, risk reduction, fault, failure, hazard, safety)
  • Aspects of safety (functional safety, SOTIF)
  • Safety standards and regulations
  • Scope of ISO 26262
  • ISO 26262 safety life cycle


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