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Release Notes - MTest v.7.8.3 (January 2023)

Bug Fixes and Maintenance

This release mainly focuses on fixing bugs and improving robustness and user experience. These affect various functionalities in MTest, e.g. the support of Matlab 2022b and an updated licence management.

MTest now officially supports Matlab 2022b.

Note:Changes in TargetLink 2022-B mean that TargetLink logging must always be enabled when logging signals in TargetLink models, regardless of which mechanism you want to use for this. Otherwise, signals logged with Simulink will not be logged either.

  • #10600: We fixed an issue where referenced models could not be selected as a test object. This occurred mainly when there were only referenced models as subsystems at the highest level in the model.
  • #10595: We updated the licence mechanism to reduce problems when other MES tools are running at the same time in the same Matlab session.




  • If you receive MTest in one zip file, please extract it into a folder. Please keep all the subdirectories.
  • Suggestions:
    • C:\Program Files\mtest
    • x:\project\matlab\mtest
    • <MATLAB_ROOT>\toolbox\mtest
  • (Optional) Include the ...\mtest\bin directory into your MATLAB® path (only the \bin directory, all path setting is handled by MTest).
  • See also Chapter 2 of the User Guide.

In order to run MTest and MXAM at the same time, run their path functions in a separate step:

  • Copy the MTest_MXAM_SideBySide.m script from the demo folder of your MTest installation. For example into your MATLAB® startup folder.
  • Change the values of the ``mxamRoot`` and ``mtestRoot`` variables to your MTest and MXAM installation locations.
  • Execute the script manually or let MATLAB® execute it on each start.
  • You may now start MTest and MXAM in any succession.
  • See also Chapter 2 of the User Guide.

User Instruction

MTest User Guide

User Guide

The MES User Guide presents clear instructions on how to work with the MES Test Manager® (MTest). It provides users with information about getting started and working with MTest.
You can easily call the User Guide by clicking on "Help" > "View User Guide" (see image).

MTest Tool FAQ

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