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What is MoRe?

MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) is a productivity tool that makes modeling with MATLAB Simulink® faster, easier and less error-prone. MoRe supports users by simplifying and accelerating model editing and reducing monotonous work steps. The tool facilitates the modeling process as a whole, in particular the refactoring of models.


What's New?

Highlights in latest versions of MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.8

New Action "Refine Layout"
This new action automatically improves your subsystem layout but retains the basic structure of your existing layout. While you manually define the general structure of your model layout, this action automates other time-consuming tasks, such as aligning blocks and optimizing line routes.

"Auto Layout" and "Refine Layout" on Selected Elements
You can apply the "Auto Layout" and "Refine Layout“ actions to a selection of modeling elements in the subsystem e.g. selected blocks and lines, etc. Stay in control of the overall layout of your subsystem, as this action automatically lays out a specific part of your model while leaving the rest untouched.


MoRe v.4.7

Highlights of MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.7

Improved Line Routing in "Auto Layout" and "Refine Layout"
Line routing has been improved to avoid unnecessary bends in long or branched signal lines.

In addition, the action now avoids oblique signal lines, which could previously occur in rare cases.

MoRe v.4.6

Highlights of MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.6

New Action "Refine Layout"
Use this action, like "Auto Layout", to create a clean and uniform layout for the current subsystem or a selected subarea. However, unlike "Auto Layout", the result is based on your current layout.

You can now easily set custom parameters for blocks and lines with the "Auto Layout" and "Refine Layout" action. For example, you can color port blocks and enable signal propagation for lines.

MoRe v.4.5

Highlights of MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.5

Apply "Auto Layout" on Selection
You can now apply the "Auto Layout" action to a selected subarea of your subsystem, so you can lay out this part without changing the rest of the subsystem.

MoRe now supports MATLAB versions up to 2022b.

MoRe v.4.4

Highlights of MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.4

Enhanced Block Positioning in the "Auto Layout" action
Horizontal and vertical block positioning has been improved, reducing line bends and line crossings. Blocks are also aligned and placed closer to adjacent blocks, optimizing the overall model layout.

MoRe v.4.3

Highlights in MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.3

Improved Placement of Connected Blocks in "Auto Layout" Action

  • Source and sink blocks are now placed closer to their connected block, and in such a way that the signal line is as straight as possible.
  • A typical example is Const and Terminator blocks directly connected to a subsystem block.
    Auto Layout Neighbor Blocks
MoRe v.4.2

Highlights in MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.2

Improved Block Alignment in "Auto Layout" Action

  • The horizontal placement of blocks has been improved. Previously, signal labels could cause incorrect alignment.
  • As before, blocks with in- and outports are center aligned, blocks with only inports are left aligned, and blocks with only outports are right aligned. However, the center- and right alignment is no longer distorted by signal labels.
    Auto Layout Alignment
MoRe v.4.1

Highlights in MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.1

Improved "Auto Layout" Action

  • The action is now supported in MATLAB 2017b and 2018a, in addition to the previously supported MATLAB 2018b and later versions.
  • Improved handling of signal lines that are fed back directly to their source block (self-loops).
  • Blocks that are only connected to a port block are now positioned closer to the port block. This avoids unnecessarily long signal lines and makes the model appear more compact.
  • Improved line routing to prevent lines from being too close together or overlapping.

Other Improvements

  • Search Signal by Name: The action now supports the use of the "*" symbol as a wildcard within the signal name to be searched for.
MoRe v.4.0

Highlights in MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) v.4.0

New Layout Action "Auto Layout"

  • This action automatically arranges all blocks and routes all signal lines in the current subsystem, for a clean and uniform layout.
    Auto Layout
  • It is based on established algorithms for the automatic layout of block diagrams.
  • The action is available for MATLAB® versions 2018b and newer.

Bug Fixes

  • All actions: Fixed a bug that caused an error when starting an action in a Variant Subsystem.
  • All actions that change signal lines: Fixed a bug that occasionally triggered multiple warning messages in the MATLAB command window when undoing the action.



To update to a new version of MoRe, please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall old version

If updating from the old toolbox version to the new toolbox version

  • Skip this step.

If updating from the old manually installed version to any new version

  1. Call path_MoRe(false) in the MATLAB command line.
  2. If you added a call to init_MoRe to your startup.m, then remove this call.
  3. Delete the directory of the old installation or keep it as a backup.

If updating from the old toolbox version to the new manual installation version

  1. Navigate to the MATLAB Home tab. In the Environment or Resources section, open the Add-On Manager.
  2. Find the old MoRe toolbox entry and select "Uninstall" in the context menu.
    Please note: MATLAB may ask you to delete some directories manually. However, this is not mandatory.

2. Install new version

  • Depending on whether you want to install the new version manually or as a toolbox, proceed as described in the following "Installation" section.
  • You can skip the "License configuration" part if a floating license is already installed in the old version.

3. Import old configuration files (optional)

After installation, you can import all configuration files of the old version via "Import Previous Preferences" from the "Preferences" submenu of MoRe. This import action requires the old version to be 2.9 or newer. This import is only necessary if you have changed any configuration files from the "Preferences" submenu in the old version.

System Requirements

The following system requirements must be in place to use MES MoRe:

  • Windows (Windows 7+8+10+11 - 32 and 64-bit versions)
  • MATLAB® R2014b ... R2022b
  • Simulink

Quick Start

Starting MoRe

  • After installation, "MES MoRe" is available as a separate entry in the Simulink menu and context menu. It does not need to be started manually.

Starting an Action in MoRe

  • Open a demo model by typing “fuelsys” in the MATLAB command prompt
  • Select the two subsystems on the root level of the fuelsys model
  • Click “MES MoRe” in the Simulink menu and then select "Merge Subsystems"
  • To undo the action, select "Undo" from the “MES MoRe” menu


If you have any suggestions to help us improve MES Model & Refactor, please do not hesitate to contact us:

User Instruction

MXRAY User Guide

User Guide

The MES MoRe User Guide presents clear instructions on how to work with MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe). It provides users with information about getting started and working with MoRe.
Click on “MES MoRe”->”Help”->”Documentation” to find a description of all actions available in MoRe (see image).

How-To Videos

Auto Layout and Refine Layout



Signal Routing







Release Notes - MoRe v.4.8 (April 2023)

Option to Exclude Blocks without Ports from "Auto Layout" Action

  • In some cases, you may not want blocks without ports to be repositioned when applying the "Auto Layout" action. You can now use a newly added configuration parameter to exclude such blocks from the action.
  • Simply activate the feature via "Preferences -> Config File" and set "IncludeBlocksWithoutPorts" to false.


  • Auto Layout and Refine Layout: Line routing has been improved to avoid oblique line segments of a branched signal line, which could previously occur in rare cases.
  • Action demo models: New demo models for "Auto Layout" and "Refine Layout" are available so that you can try out the actions and learn how to use them. The models can be opened directly from the MoRe demo model, from the documentation of the corresponding actions or from the "demo_models" folder in the installation directory.

Bug Fixes

  • Auto Layout and Refine Layout: Fixed a bug that caused an error in rare cases in models with multi-branched signal lines.