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MES Quality Tools License Configuration

All license types

You can check the license installation of all license types by launching the MATLAB command mxray_printLicenseInfos() after following the steps below. In case of a successful installation, the license infos are printed without error. You can also use the same command to get the license information of a running MES Quality Tool instance.

Node-locked license

Copy the license file (.lic) into the 'license' directory of your tool installation. You receive your license file by email from MES or from your admin.

If you need a new Node-locked license due to change of computer:

Dongle license

  • Copy the license file (.lic) into the 'license' directory of your tool installation. You receive your license file by email from MES or from your admin.
  • You need to install the dongle driver (FlexID WibuKey Driver) once. It can be found at the root folder of the CD ( or at Install the i686 driver on a 32bit system or the x64 driver on a 64bit system.
  • Plug-in the dongle in an USB port.

Floating license

License server setup for all MES tools (MXRAY from 3.1, MXAM from 4.0, MTest from 4.0)

The FlexNet Publisher (FNP) libraries integrated in the MES license module have been updated to version 11.14. This update enables the license module to read dongle ids on systems running the WibuKey driver in version 6.32 or above. If you are using a floating license server which is lower than version 11.14. you must update this installation. Otherwise, there may occur incompatibility issues between the license module and the FlexNet server libraries.

The license file must be installed on your server.

To use a MES Quality Tool with a floating license please download our MES FlexNet Daemon for Windows and install the 32bit or 64bit format on your FlexNet server:

If you wish to set up a new FlexNet server, you can download the server and the instructions here:

MXRAY client configuration

    • Ask for the host address (IP or domain name) of the license server and, optionally, the port to use.
    • If not already open, open the MATLAB® version where you installed MXRAY. Please check whether you have correctly added the 'mxray' directory to the MATLAB® path as described above.
    • Use the mxray_installFloatingLicense() MATLAB® function and give the port and host as string parameter ('port@host'), e.g.:
      • mxray_installFloatingLicense('3421@') (port and IP)
      • mxray_installFloatingLicense('') (port and domain name)
      • mxray_installFloatingLicense('3421@myserver') (port and intranet host name)
      • mxray_installFloatingLicense('') (only IP)
      • mxray_installFloatingLicense('') (only domain name)
      The function copies the lismo.config file to the tool's AppData directory and creates the port@host entry. Should you need it, you can get the directory with the created lismo.config file by launching path_mxray() and mxray_getToolAppDataDirectory().
  • You can now use M-XRAY as long as the FlexNet server is available at this address.

MXAM client configuration

  • To configure MXAM to use a floating license from the server, start the license manager (double click LicenseManager.jar in the MXAM installation directory).
  • Change the 'License Server IP' field. Enter the address of the FlexNet license server as follows: port@IP e.g. 26000@
  • You can now use MXAM provided that the FlexNet server is available at this address.

MTest client configuration

  • Ask for the IP address of the license server and, optionally, which port to use.
  • Create the user-specific MTest lismo directory on your computer. You can retrieve the name of the user directory via YourUserDir = getenv('APPDATA'). The MTest lismo directory must be: YourUserDir\MES\MTEST\4_0\lismo
  • Copy the lismo.config file from the 'lismo' directory of your MTest installation to the MTest lismo user directory on your computer (the example contains an example configuration).
  • Set the name of the Flex license server according to your system:
    for instance: license_server_id=3421@ (port and IP)
    for instance: license_server_id=@ (only IP)
    Do not remove the license_file_dir= line.
  • MTest is now ready to use so long as the FlexNet server is available at this address.
  • Once you close MTest, the license will be returned within the next 30 seconds.
    If it takes longer, please report this to us.
    In any case, the license should be returned by closing MATLAB®.
    If MTest was closed unexepectedly, please close MATLAB® as well.