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General license questions

When do I need a new license file and where do I get it?

If you upgrade your tool to a new major version, for example from 3.x to 4.x, you need a license file for this new major version. If you just want to upgrade within a major version, e.g. from 4.6 to 4.7, you can use the old license file. The license files are backward compatible, meaning that you can use a 4.x license file for older tool versions.

Usually, if your license file has to be updated, you will receive the following error message:
FlexErrorNo: -21

License file does not support this version.

Please contact to request an updated license file. If the license is under maintenance, you will receive it promptly.

Node-locked licenses

Can I install an MES Tool on a terminal server and start it via a Terminal Client session using a Node-locked license?

This is not possible. A Node-locked license is only meant for local usage on the host to which it is bound. This means that the tool and license have to be installed on the computer on which it is used.

If you try to use an MES Tool via a Terminal Client session (Remote Desktop session), the following error message will appear:
FlexErrorNo: -103

Cannot checkout an uncounted license within a Windows Terminal Services guest session.

If you wish to have a license that enables use of the MES Tool on several hosts or by several users, we recommend Dongle or Floating network licenses.

Dongle licenses

Which WibuKey driver versions are compatible with which MES Tool version?

For Dongle licenses, a WibuKey driver has to be installed. MXAM from version 4.0 upward, MTest from version 4.0 upward, and MXRAY from version 3.1. upward work with all WibuKey driver versions. Earlier versions have to be patched to work with WibuKey driver version 6.32 and higher.

Please contact the respective tool's support team if you need the patch: 

The error message that occurs if the WibuKey driver and MES Tool are not compatible is usually:
FlexErrorNo: -9
Invalid host.
The hostid of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.

How can I find out the WibuKey driver version?

Start your WibuKey application from your Windows start menu or the system control panel. The version numbers are given in the "Info" tab:

How can I test if the Dongle is recognized on my system?

You can download the "lmhostid" application from the respective URL that was included in the delivery email sent to you. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Please extract the archive from an arbitrary location on your machine and run the "lmhostid.exe" in the command prompt with the following arguments: "lmhostid.exe -flexid -long".

If the dongle is correctly applied to your system, the dongle id will be returned. If not, an error message will appear. The missing "ALADDIN DLL" is irrelevant for the use of WibuKey dongles.

Floating Network licenses

How can I check the state of the license server on a client?

You can use the tool "lmstat.exe" to verify that your license server is up and running. This tool is part of the MES license server package, and you can find the URL for this in the delivery email that was sent to you. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Extract the "lmstat.exe" anywhere from your file system and execute it from the command prompt with the following command:
"lmstat.exe -c PORT@IP -a"

All available license keys should be printed on the command prompt.

Which license server version has to be installed for the MES Tools?

For all MES tools (MXAM from 4.0, MTest from 4.0, M-XRAY from 3.1), the floating license server version has to be 11.14 or higher. The typical error that occurs when using a lower license server version is:
FlexErrorNo: -140
Bad message command.

This error can also occur when you are using an MES vendor daemon version lower than 11.14

If you want to set up a new FlexNet server, you can download the server and the instructions from the respective URL that was included in the delivery email sent to you. The download also contains the latest MES vendor daemon.

If you only need the MES vendor daemon, you can also download it from the respective URL in the delivery email. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Is it possible to reserve Floating Network Licenses for certain users or hosts?

You can reserve licenses for certain users or hosts using an options file. This is a simple text file that you need to name MES.opt and place in the same folder where the license file is located.

For example, the following line reserves two MXAM licenses for host


In the next example, 1 MTest license is reserved for user Johnson


You can find more information to this topic in the License Administration Guide (PDF fnp_11.14_LicAdmin), which is part of the license server download that can be accessed via the URL in the delivery email that was sent to you. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

After you have created and edited the options file, the MES vendor daemon has to be restarted.