MES Jenkins Plugin

The MES Toolchain in Automated Deployment

With the MES Jenkins Plugin, you can use the MES toolchain in a continuous integration environment and automatically verify your software models to comply with quality boundaries. Given that the configuration via the Jenkins UI is so easy, you do not have to read about the APIs of each tool in great detail. Via the Jenkins User Interface you can select a model and define whether a static or dynamic analysis should be run on the model. By means of published reports and logs, you can easily keep track of the quality status.

User Requirements

In order to run the MES Tools via Jenkins you need a continuous integration license for the MES tool that you want to run automations on (MES Model Examiner® and/or MES Test Manager®) as well as a Jenkins installation on an internal server as an automation environment.

Typical Applications

Nightly Builds

Monitor quality status regularly

Quality Control

Reject faulty changes

Remote Tool Operation

Outsource time-consuming tool operation
Ensure standardized tool settings

Optimal Resource Usage

Centralize tool operation
Manage resource usage

Benefits of using the MES Jenkins Plugin

Quality Assurance
  • Quality monitoring over the entire course of time at a glance
  • Email notifications in case of errors
  • Knowledge of Jenkins is required for the automation of the MES toolchain
  • Configuration via UI or code
  • Outsource analysis effort to the Jenkins server
  • Automatic verification of compliance with quality boundaries
  • Seamless reporting of the tools
  • Ensured compliance with established standards through central configuration

How the MES Jenkins Plugin supports you

1. Simple Configuration

Robuste Modelle

The Jenkins Plugin provides convenient support for setting up automation for all MES toolchain tools (MXAM, MXRAY, MTest). Each tool can be configured as a separate step in the Jenkins pipeline. Full support of the pipeline code allows a high degree of customization.

2. JUnit Report Generation

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A graphical overview provides information about all jobs and results in the dashboard of each MES tool in Jenkins. When setting up the Jenkins Step, you can configure the export to JUnit for each respective tool.