Quality Tools You can tell a professional by his tools.

Quality Tools for Model-Based Software Development

Implementing our solutions right from the start ensures that errors are detected and corrected at an early development stage. The MES tools for comprehensive software quality ensure that your software complies with international industry standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and ASPICE. TÜV approved.

V for Ʌgile

Whether your model-based development process is agile or follows the traditional V model, our tools are versatile performers supporting you in achieving the highest software quality. Seamless interaction between our MES Model Examiner (MXAM), MES Model & Refactor (MoRe), and suitable testing tools, such as Piketec TPT, cover all phases of software development, from design to implementation and verification. Additionally, MES Quality Commander (MQC) provides an unparalleled overview of the entire software development process, giving you complete control over the quality of your software at all times.

Our software tools provide safeguarding and quality assurance in all phases of model-based software development. From guideline checks and complexity measurement to quality monitoring, all of the MES tools emphasize automation and seamless documentation to ensure the traceability, time efficiency, high quality, and safety of your software. MES tools simplify compliance with safety and quality standards such as ISO 26262 and ASPICE and are best suited for use in the quality assurance of embedded systems in industries such as automation technology, automotive, and mechanical engineering.



Using MES Tools in Model-Based Development

The MES tools MXAM and MoRe optimally support MATLAB Simulink®/Stateflow®, MathWorks Embedded Coder®, and dSPACE TargetLink®. Our guideline check tool MXAM also verifies SparxSystems Enterprise Architect® and ETAS ASCET® models.

Using MQC in Quality Monitoring

With MQC, MES offers solutions for dynamic quality monitoring and management. Data on requirements, guideline checks, and test results is automatically consolidated in a unique quality model. MQC offers optimal support for analysis of data derived from a number of quality assurance tools such as DOORS, MS Excel, MXAM, TPT, Embedded Platform, and Junit.