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MXAM DRIVE – The first choice for guideline checking

MXAM DRIVE is the platform-independent tool for guideline checks in model-based software development.

The guideline compliance checking tool MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) from Model Engineering Solutions (MES) has undergone a remarkable product development over recent years. The fruitful feedback of customers has supported the continuous growth of MXAM significantly.


Requests for diverse additional functionalities led to the introduction of a new tool platform for MXAM in 2011 - MXAM DRIVE. The MXAM DRIVE platform gave MES the opportunity to realize innovative ideas within the product development such as multi-model analysis, multi-platform connectors, content management support, review support, and multi-facet reporting. The existing functionality of MXAM v.1.x. remains fully covered in MXAM DRIVE.

Introduced three years ago and supported by an active tool development strategy, MXAM DRIVE v.3.x has become established in most of MES costumers’ production projects. As a result, MES has decided to fully focus its development capacities on the MXAM DRIVE platform and further strengthen the active product development in the future, with MXAM DRIVE v.4.x expected to be released in autumn 2016.

Free Migration to MXAM DRIVE

MES encourages all current MXAM v.1.x users to migrate to MXAM DRIVE. Migration is free of charge for all customers with an active support/maintenance contract. The process is quick and simple and the MES MXAM team will happily assist costumers if any support is needed.

MXAM v.1.9 is final version of MXAM v.1.x

Due to MES’s decision to focus capacities on MXAM DRIVE, the current release of MXAM v.1.9 will be the final version of the MES Model Examiner on the MXAM v.1.x platform, and there will be no further addition of functionality or checks. For customers who are not able to migrate immediately and need to remain on the MXAM v.1.x platform for existing projects, MES strongly recommends the update to MXAM v.1.9.

MES support for MXAM v.1.9 is guaranteed for 5 years

Bug fix support for MXAM v.1.9 will be available for another 5 years, until April 30, 2021.

Concurrently, the following limitations for support on the MXAM v.1.x platform will apply:

Bug fix support of MXAM v.1.6 / v.1.7 will be discontinued after April 30, 2017.
Bug fix support of MXAM v.1.8 will be discontinued after April 30, 2018.

Please note that MES tool support in combination with external tools (i.e. MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow, dSPACE TargetLink, ETAS ASCET) in general is limited to external tool versions released prior to the respective MES tool version. Supported versions of external tools are listed in the release notes.

About MES: Läuft die Software, fährt das Auto

Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) is the competence center for model-based software in the car. MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is the first-choice solution for checking modeling guidelines. MES Test Manager® (MTest) perfectly implements requirements-based unit testing in model-based development. MES Quality Commander® (MQC) evaluates the quality and product-readiness of your software and delivers key decision-making data throughout the product development lifecycle. MES provides individual consulting and services to companies seeking to introduce or enhance their model-based development processes, to introduce new technologies such as AUTOSAR, or to fulfill standards such as ISO 26262. MES clients include major OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide. MES is a TargetLink® Strategic Partner of dSPACE GmbH and a MathWorks and ETAS Product Partner.

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