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MQC Scores among Industry Experts at the Digital Innovation Forum

Quality monitoring framework MQC successfully in use in the development of multi-core processors as part of the development project ASSUME.

On May 10 and 11, 2017, the MES Quality Commander® (MQC) was presented to European innovation experts at the Digital Innovation Forum 2017 (DIF) in Amsterdam. MQC is a framework for measuring product quality, and is being developed by Berlin-based software company Model Engineering Solutions (MES) as part of the European development project ASSUME.

MQC demonstration by ASSUME at DIF 2017

At the innovation market Digital Innovation Forum 2017 (DIF), MES presented the MQC framework for monitoring product quality in embedded software, under the umbrella of smart mobility. The presentation took place as part of a demonstration of the European development project ASSUME, which looks to develop new methods and a safeguarding process for software running on multi-core processors. This is particularly important in the case of networked cars. Within ASSUME, the task of MES is to develop an integrated framework for measuring and tracing product quality - the MES Quality Commander® (MQC).

Quick feedback on the status of quality

The ASSUME demonstration showed the audience how the framework delivers quick feedback on the status of the quality of continuously developed software. For this purpose, various quality assurance tools are tied in to MQC, and key data on tracing and monitoring of quality are collected. This results in real-time monitoring of product quality, which quickly highlights any risks regarding quality, safety, time, and costs, and allows these to be acted upon early.

MQC was able to win over the delegation of industry experts from Airbus, DLR, ITEA, and other European technology companies with its adapters, which offer a robust and secure connection to various quality assurance tools, such as BTC Embedded Tester and TPT.

The actual quality monitoring happens after data has been imported, and is done via pre-defined dashboards, filtering, and drilldown possibilities in the interactive quality assessment. In this way, MQC supports software development with a hands-on approach to software quality.

About the Digital Innovation Forum 2017 (DIF)

The Digital Innovation Forum 2017 (DIF) took place on May 10 and 11, 2017 in Amsterdam. Organized by ARTEMIS Industry Association and the EUREKA Cluster ITEA, DIF is a conference for European industries that focuses on digitalization and the resulting innovations and challenges. Global digitalization is leading to profound changes for companies and their existing activities, processes, competencies, and models. The ways that digitalization simultaneously offers new opportunities for business and society were discussed in lectures and workshops. Alongside this, innovations from the fields of smart energy, smart health, smart manufacturing, and smart mobility were presented at the innovation market. Juries comprised of top industry executives took guided tours to learn about the various innovations on display.

About MES: Software Quality. Made in Germany.

Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) is the competence center for model-based software. Structured along three main areas, MES Quality Tools, MES Test Center, and MES Academy, MES offers ideal support for integrated quality assurance. The MES Quality Tools are software tools to achieve highest quality. MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is the first-choice solution for checking modeling guidelines. MES Test Manager® (MTest) perfectly implements requirements-based unit testing in model-based development. MES Quality Commander® (MQC) evaluates the quality and product-readiness of your software and delivers key decision-making data throughout the product development lifecycle. The MES Test Center includes testing services from requirements management, through setting up test specifications and automated test evaluation to quality monitoring. The MES Academy provides training workshops and seminars and supports customers seeking to introduce or enhance their model-based development processes, such as fulfilling standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and ASPICE. MES clients include major OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry as well as in automation technology worldwide. MES is a TargetLink® Strategic Partner of dSPACE Inc. and a MathWorks and ETAS Product Partner.

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