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MES User Conference: First-Hand Insights into Agility and Model-Based Software Development

The MES User Conference will take place on October 11 and 12, 2018, at Umspannwerk Ost in Berlin (Germany).

Berlin-based software company Model Engineering Solutions (MES) will this year host the third edition of the MES User Conference in Berlin (Germany). The forum is a meeting point for developers and team leaders who work in model-based software development in the automotive and mechanical engineering sector. This year, the spotlight will be on agile software development, and speakers will use application scenarios to demonstrate how software is developed in their fields. Agile software development of safety-relevant systems will also be a key focus as will software architecture and handling software models that have high levels of complexity. Representatives from Daimler, Ford, Renault, Schaeffler, Plastic Omnium, Insystems, CEVT, and dSPACE have already confirmed they will attend and share their experience at the MES User Conference 2018 – by customers for customers.

MES User Conference 2018

Next Level: Get Agile!

Agile methods have become state of the art in software development. Agile teams are able to react to changing requirements, delivering intermediate solutions for rapid feedback. Model-based development, by its very nature, contributes to early validation and is hence in line with agile principles. The MES toolchain supports both the agile software development process as well as the traditional V model development process. This includes compliance with industry standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and ISO 25119. The presenting speakers will address the following the topics: What does agility mean for development within the scope of the automotive and supplier industry? How will quality be assured and what do the process requirements look like? To learn about solutions, works in progress, and challenges in the automotive industry and in automation technology as well as provide a forum for exchange, the MES User Conference 2018 will turn its attention toward agile software development.

CEVT, Daimler, dSPACE, Ford, Insystems, Plastic Omnium, Renault, and Schaeffler to Present

OEMs and suppliers such as Daimler, Ford, Renault, Schaeffler, Insystems, Plastic Omnium, CEVT, and MES partner dSPACE are already part of this year's MES User Conference program. Alexander Dolpp of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America will present how refactoring of software models was successfully accomplished with the help of MXRAY. With the title “Qualité Totale @ Renault Powertrain: CI-based MBD Workbench for Efficient Engine Software”, Renault will present its continuous integration workflow in the area of powertrain technology using MXAM. From Ford's steering division, Simon Nolden will discuss how MXAM is used to check and document the model quality required by the ASILs of the different functions. Benone Dorneanu from Plastic Omnium will offer insights into introducing a model-based development process for application software in compliance with ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE 3. Daniel Batz and Tim Schulte of Schaeffler will present model-based configuration management (ConfigML) as an example of checking completeness and consistency with MXAM. CEVT's Azin Akbari and Markus Niklasson will, during their presentation “From Chaos to Launch of a Brand New Car”, report on the introduction of agile development as a response to the challenges posed when globally distributed teams, each with its own set of tasks and responsibilities, work together toward a common goal. From the field of robotics, Stefan Zernickel of Insystems will look at collaborative transport robots in logistics. MES is helping to develop these robots’ algorithms and is also undertaking quality assurance measures. MES partner dSPACE will dive into the topic of agile software development with central data management for the continuous integration workflow with TargetLink.

At a glance

Date: October 11-12, 2018
Conference language: English
Cost: €220 per participant, incl. catering at the MES User Conference and during the evening reception.
Location: Umspannwerk Ost, Palisadenstraße 48, 10243 Berlin (Germany).
Target audience: Quality and project managers, testers, developers, users of the MES software solutions, and other interested parties from industry and science.

About MES: Software Quality. In Control.

Model Engineering Solutions (MES) GmbH is the competence center for model-based software. Structured along three main areas, MES Quality Tools, MES Test Center, and MES Academy, MES offers ideal support for integrated quality assurance. The MES Quality Tools are software tools to achieve highest quality. MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is the first-choice solution for checking modeling guidelines. MES Test Manager® (MTest) perfectly implements requirements-based unit testing in model-based development. MES M-XRAY®'s (MXRAY) fast and precise structure and complexity analysis gives you complete transparency of your Simulink®, Stateflow®, Embedded Coder®, and TargetLink® models. MES Quality Commander® (MQC) evaluates the quality and product-readiness of your software and delivers key decision-making data throughout the product development lifecycle. The MES Test Center includes testing services from requirements management, through setting up test specifications and automated test evaluation to quality monitoring. The MES Academy provides training workshops and seminars and supports customers seeking to introduce or enhance their model-based development processes, such as fulfilling standards like IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and ASPICE. MES clients include major OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry as well as in automation technology worldwide. MES is a TargetLink® Strategic Partner of dSPACE, Inc. and a MathWorks and ETAS Product Partner. The MES Academy collaborates with SAE International and LHP University.

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