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MES Model Examiner® 1.8 Release with Many Improvements

MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is now available as Version 1.8.2. This version contains many new improvements and is ideal for customers, who do not yet wish to switch to the current Version 3.x DRIVE of the MES Model Examiner®.

More Flexible Licensing Options

The use of FLEXnet gives customers additional licensing options in Version 1.8. In addition to the classic work station license (node-locked) and a dongle license, floating licenses and licenses for a continuous integration environment are now available.

MAAB 3.0 Checks

Version 1.8 of MES Model Examiner® supports the MAAB Guidelines 3.0 from 2013. If required, however, an earlier version of these guidelines can be used instead, for example to maintain compliance with an already certified process.

Filtering of Model Blocks

Version 1.8 of MES Model Examiner® enables checks to be performed by blocks or subsystems. This is ideal if you wish to remove entire blocks within software models before performing checks or only apply certain check routines. Thus, for example, blocks from a function library that has already been checked can be completely removed from the check process. This augments overall efficiency of the check process.


Maintenance of Version 1.8 of MES Model Examiner® will continue and any errors will be eliminated as a matter of course. New functions and checks, however, will only be made available in Version 3.x DRIVE of MES Model Examiner®. We therefore only recommend Version 1.8.2 to existing customers, who do not yet wish to switch to Version 3.x of MES Model Examiner®, and who do not require the new functions and check algorithms for safety-critical models at this time.

About MES GmbH: Software Quality. In Control.

Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) specializes in integrated quality assurance of embedded automotive software. MES Quality Commander® (MQC) is a dynamic management and control tool for use in software development projects, delivering key decision-making data throughout the product development lifecycle. MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is the first choice for checking modeling guideline consistency of Simulink®, TargetLink®, and ASCET models. MES Test Manager® perfectly implements requirements-based testing in model-based development. MES provides individual consulting and services to companies seeking to introduce or enhance their model-based development processes, to introduce new technologies such as AUTOSAR, or to fulfill standards such as ISO 26262. MES clients include major OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry worldwide. MES is a TargetLink® Strategic Partner of dSPACE GmbH and a MathWorks and ETAS Product Partner.

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