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Innovation at its Best

Innovation at its Best

Berlin, 14.10.2013– Model Engineering Solutions (MES) introduces latest products Quality Checker and Model Examiner DRIVE to the public at VDI Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles. With these innovations MES once again demonstrates technological leadership in quality assurance of model-based software development. MES reveals both products at VDI Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles in Baden-Baden (Germany), at booth No. 68 on the first floor of the exhibition hall.

Shine a Searchlight on Your Software                                              

Quality Checker by MES puts project managers and developers into the driver`s seat with an overview of software quality development at all times. Quality Checker automatically collects and evaluates all relevant parameters. The gathered trend information reveals whether the observed project is on the right track, which saves time and provides an overview without arduous and error-prone data processing.

Bring Your Model into Line

The Model Examiner DRIVE (MXAM DRIVE) is the latest generation of MES`s classic MXAM. The substantially improved user interface accelerates verification on Simulink and TargetLink models according to ISO 26262 and MISRA® standards. Its novel multi-project capability fulfills the demands of clients by centralized management and the deployment of 550 included verifying routines. Complying with ISO 26262 and MISRA® has never been this easy.

Innovation at its Best

Both new products prove the commitment of MES to the highest quality software development in compliance with functional safety standards. Setting innovative trends at the right time is the strength of MES, already proven by the Model Examiner (MXAM), the market leader for verification of TargetLink models today.

Quality in the Driver’s Seat

MES specializes in integrated quality assurance of embedded software in vehicles. Quality Checker is a dynamic management and control element for use in qualitative software development, which delivers key data throughout the software life cycle, giving an optimum basis on which to make decisions. The Model Examiner (MXAM) is MES’s classic tool and should be your first choice for checking guideline consistency of Simulink® and TargetLink® models. MES also provides individual consulting services and customized training programs for companies wishing to introduce or enhance their existing model-based development processes, use new technologies such as AUTOSAR, or fulfill new requirements such as ISO 26262. Amongst MES’s clients are major OEMs and suppliers from the automotive industry. MES is a TargetLink Strategic Partner of dSPACE GmbH and a MathWorks Product Partner and ETAS.

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