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Successfully Applying IEC 61508 in Model-based Devolopment

With the new workshop "Model-based Development in Compliance with IEC 61508", MES has introduced a guide to implementing the standard in model-based software development to its program.

The IEC 61508 standard safeguards electric, electronic, and programmable systems with safety-critical functions. The growth of automation in industry makes this standard essential for safety-critical and future-oriented systems, like heat pumps or directional drilling systems. In the automotive industry, the ISO 26262 standard - derived from IEC 61508 - is used in safeguarding safety-relevant systems. As a method, the use of model-based development has also proven successful. At Forum Safety & Security, to be held from July 04 – 06, 2017, Dr. Heiko Dörr will present the "Implementation of ISO 26262-6 for Model-based Software Development" as part of a session. The processes introduced during the presentation will also be considered in the MES Workshop "Model-based Development in Compliance with IEC 61508" and applied to IEC 61508. The training workshop will feature in MES’ training workshop program - part of the MES Academy - from 2018, but is available to interested parties as of now upon request.

Developing safety-critical embedded systems: automotive sector as pioneer

Courtesy of its innovative character and the high safety-critical requirements, the automotive industry has become a pioneer in developing safety-critical embedded systems. Model-based software development has been an established process for safeguarding these systems in the automotive industry since the 1990s, and this method has been deemed state of the art for over a decade. The reasons for this lie in the higher product quality, the possibility to develop highly complex systems, and in the shorter development times. At the same time, the early quality assurance achieved by the development process enables time efficiency and cost reduction. With its years-long application and expertise in model-based software development and safeguarding of safety-critical systems according to ISO 26262, the automotive industry can be used as a blueprint for automation technology in implementing the safety standard IEC 61508. Likewise, Dr. Heiko Dörr's presentation at Forum Safety & Security in Munich on the topic "Implementation of ISO 26262-6 for Model-based Software Development" is relevant not only for visitors from the automotive and supplier industry, but also for visitors from the fields of automation technology, robotics, and engineering.

Dr. Heiko Dörr, MES' CEO, has already had positive experience in applying model-based development and the procedures established for the ISO 26262. Alongside customer projects, MES also used the workshop "Model-based Development in Compliance with IEC 61508" at this year's in Munich to impart experience and insight: "The positive feedback at has encouraged us to add this workshop to our training workshop repertoire. Via our years-long expertise in the area of quality assurance in the automotive industry, dealing with the ISO 26262 standard, and developing the professional capacities of users via our training workshops, we are able to make a significant contribution to safety in automation technology."

MES Workshop Model-based Development of Embedded Software According to IEC 61508

This MES workshop illustrates the development and safeguarding of safety-relevant software according to IEC 61508 and comparable standards, and demonstrates how IEC- and ISO-compliant models, via modeling guidelines and complexity measurements, can achieve standard-compliant testing. Beyond this, the workshop will explain tool qualification and give practical examples from the automotive and automation technology fields. The workshop is aimed at developers, testers, quality managers, and team leaders who focus on (or wish to focus on) model-based software development with MATLAB Simulink in combination with Embedded Coder or dSPACE TargetLink.

MES training workshops:

About Forum Safety & Security

Forum Safety & Security 2017 will take place from July 04 - 06, 2017 in Munich. Via seminars, presentations, and workshops, participants can get informed about all aspects of safety and security in various industry and automotive sectors. Dr. Heiko Dörr's (CEO) presentation titled "Implementation of ISO 26262-6 for Model-based Software Development" will take place during Session 3: Methods & Tools I on Wednesday, July 05, 2017, at 1:50 p.m.

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