Collaborative Transport Robots in Logistics

Digitalization and automation are disrupting rigid manufacturing processes and changing work environments for people and machines significantly. The market for customized products and solutions will continue to grow and so too will the demand for industrial manufacturing for batch size 1. In order to deal with and fulfill these flexible production conditions, InSystems Automation has developed new transport robot technologies. The company is researching methods and principles for collaborating, learning, and connected robot systems that can be implemented in challenging, dynamic insecure contexts.


Jan Stefan Zernickel

Jan Stefan Zernickel (InSystems Automation GmbH)

Jan Stefan Zernickel was born in 1974. He graduated in 2006 with an engineering degree. From 2006 to 2009, Mr. Zernickel worked at InSystems Automation as a high-level language programmer for test facilities. In 2009, he became Project Manager for autonomous transport robots and special-purpose machineries. Beyond this, he is responsible for different research projects, such as CrESt.