Agile in V – A Compliant, Interactive, Real-time Overview of Quality

Quality monitoring of a project in agile software development is challenging, as the data needs to be continuously read and evaluated. The MES Quality Commander® (MQC) manages this task in an intuitive way, providing project leaders with visualizations to identify blockers, which enables efficient status reporting and interactive quality monitoring based on real-time and role-specific data. This presentation will offer insight into how MQC improves the quality of development artifacts for model-based automotive software development in an agile and yet process-driven way.


Florian Stein (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Florian Stein has been Product Application Engineer for the MES Quality Commander® (MQC) since July 2016. In this role, he is responsible for process and requirements analysis for customer deployment of MQC. As part of this, he is able to bring his experience in process consulting for code- and model-based software development in compliance with ASPICE and ISO 26262 and in model-based functional and system development to the fore. Florian also serves as project manager for MES’ development and research projects.