Increasing Model Review Efficiency with MXAM Drive

This presentation will cover how the Ford Steering Controls department uses the MXAM Drive platform to support its model-based software development process. It will show how MXAM is used to check and document the model quality required for the ASIL level of the different functions. This presentation will cover how modeling guidelines from various sources (e.g Ford internal, MISRA®, MAAB®, or MES recommendations) are combined with guidelines developed especially for the department in order to maximize the output provided by MXAM checks while reducing efforts in manual model reviews. In addition, future visions for model-based design in steering controls will be shown.


Simon Nolden

Simon Nolden (Ford Motor Company)

Simon Nolden is a Feature and Function Development Engineer in the global steering and suspension controls core development team at Ford Motor Company. He is based at the John Andrews development center in Cologne, Germany.

In his role, he develops algorithms for steering actuators, conducts TargetLink-based auto coding, and is responsible for software safety and quality. Mr. Nolden jointly set up Ford's in-house software development process in the context of ISO 26262. As part of this, he played a leading role in defining the applied modeling guidelines and has significant experience using MXAM Drive to check those rules.

Mr. Nolden joined Ford Werke GmbH through a combined apprenticeship and study program in 2009. He has been in his current role in the steering controls engineering department since 2014 and holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering.