Mastering Testing of Rapidly Evolving Models and Requirements in Model-based Development

In order to develop and improve software continuously, agile methods are the modern way to go. Managing evolving models plays a key role in this environment, generating special demands of test projects. This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of the MES Test Manager® (MTest) to organize test projects and to deal with changes in the models under test. MTest provides a change impact analysis of requirements and models, completed by a comprehensive indication of any differences. The analysis allows for an automated, user-assisted refactoring of all affected test artifacts. Additionally, test assessments (requirement observers) are automatically generated using MARS requirements. Changes in these requirements consequently migrate into the assessments. Therefore, MARS is essential for checking invariants in agile software development.  With these key features, the MES Test Manager provides a platform for highly automated test processes and efficient solutions for transferring changes in models throughout the entire test project.


Dr. Eric Meyer (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Eric Meyer has been with Model Engineering Solutions since January 2018. In his role as Product Application Manager for the MES Test Manager®, he acts as a liaison between customers and the tool development team. By guiding and supporting customers in how to best use MTest, he has developed a strong sense of what they need and are looking for. This valuable experience directly influences the development of the tool, which he also actively works on.