Development of the MES Model Examiner - Between Agile and Qualification/Certification Requirements

The Agile Manifesto has revolutionized software development, and agile development has become the new standard. A few years ago, MES decided to work in an agile way and has integrated the Scrum framework into company culture.

However, developing software for safety-critical areas comes with challenges, and requirements relating to documentation, quality assurance, and review measures as well as consistency seem to stand in contrast to agile principles. The development of the MES Model Examiner® is subject to tool qualification and certifications as well as diverse requirements.

This presentation will provide insight into how we have managed to integrate safety standard requirements into the agile process via continual extensions and process adaptation by the teams. As a result, we were able to have the high standards of quality to which we adhere when developing MXAM confirmed by TÜV – all while maintaining an agile culture.


Sophia Kohle

Sophia Kohle (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Sophia Kohle is Product Manager of the MES Model Examiner® (MXAM). As part of her role, Sophia Kohle defines the strategic objectives for the development and advancement of the tool. She also supports customer projects in which company-specific features, guidelines, and checks are implemented in MES Model Examiner®. Her commitment to quality led her and her team to confirm the tool’s quality even further by having it classified and qualified by TÜV SÜD for its use in safety-related software development in compliance with ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and ISO 25119.