Introduction: Next Level: Get Agile!

Agile methods have become state of the art in software development. Agile teams are able to react to changing requirements, delivering intermediate solutions for rapid feedback. Model-based development, by its very nature, contributes to early validation and is hence in line with agile principles. What are the challenges in agile model-based software development? How are challenges addressed? In this presentation, MES CEO Dr. Heiko Dörr will preview the key topics to be discussed at the MES User Conference and officially open the event.


Dr. Heiko Dörr (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Heiko Dörr was appointed CEO of Model Engineering Solutions (MES) in Berlin in January 2016, after years of experience as a managing partner. A trailblazer of model-based development from the very beginning, he strives to open new fields for its application. He ensures that the competences within the company are well aligned to drive quality in all areas in the right direction.