The MES Toolchain in Action

In today’s software development, quality is a top priority. Short development cycles and agility are best achieved by keeping a constant eye on software quality, and various tools help to automate this quality assurance process. The MES toolchain comprises such tools, each optimized for model-based software development. Throughout the MES User Conference, we would like to demonstrate the MES toolchain in action. During the exhibition, you will learn, with the help of an automated mini-car, how agility, continuous integration, and continuous quality monitoring work using the MES toolchain.


Dr. Jan Grabowski

Dr. Jan Grabowski (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Jan Grabowski has been Product Application Manager at Model Engineering Solutions since 2014. With an unwavering interest in ensuring optimal customer support via the MES tools, he designs application scenarios for the MES software tools and services. Beyond this, he consults and assists customers worldwide in using the MES toolchain. His expertise in quality assurance flows into the MES webinars and also into his role as speaker at conferences, and he happily shares his knowledge in MES training classes.