Testability - A Prerequisite for Agility

Regression testing is of paramount importance in agile development and shall ensure that functional increments do not violate any features implemented so far. As part of the Definition of Done, the test shall prove the absence of regression in a model’s functionality before committing that model to the development repository. Any modifications of the model going forward must not only avoid regression, they also must not hinder test execution.

This presentation will report on our experiences running test projects in the MES Test Center. We have collected a number of modeling practices that will impact the execution and evaluation of tests even in non-agile cases. The impact here is even higher as the poor modeling practices will disable the execution or evaluation of tests and block the Definition of Done as a result. Appropriate modeling guidelines can be derived and also added to the Definition of Done in order to successfully execute regression tests.


Dr. Heiko Dörr (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Heiko Dörr was appointed CEO of Model Engineering Solutions (MES) in Berlin in January 2016, after years of experience as a managing partner. A trailblazer of model-based development from the very beginning, he strives to open new fields for its application. He ensures that the competences within the company are well aligned to drive quality in all areas in the right direction.