MES Un:conference - Open Space for Collaboration and Creativity

An unconference is a knowledge exchange format without predefined topics and is, by nature, flexible and developed on the spot, aiming to follow a participant-driven agenda. Breakout groups are formed dynamically based on interest and relevance in the moment. The main task is to collaborate, enjoy open conversations that are not restricted by any rules, and find out where this all leads! The only rule is called the law of 2 feet: “If you aren’t learning or contributing or having fun where you stand now, use your two feet and go somewhere where you can learn or contribute or have fun”.

Warm-up and part 1: We will collect questions of interest relevant to today’s automotive industry. Participants then dot-vote their top three questions of interest. We will nominate one host per question, and each topic will have a host. Let your favorite question ripen overnight – you may bring it to Private Roof Club too, if you wish.

Warm-up and part 2: The three hosts will make known their group meeting point – at the coffee bar, on stage – and then invite those who are interested to join. Contributions to the flip chart may be made in written, sketched, or any other possible form, and each team can share their thoughts however they wish.</p

Anything can happen, it is impossible to predict any outcomes – and that is exactly why we do it!


Barbara Barzi (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Barbara Barzi has been Scrum Master of the MES Quality Commander® (MQC) team since 2018. A communications specialist, she has kept her eye on the IT sector since her first assignment as part of an international SAP project in the mid-2000s. As agile management methods began to emerge, she decided to get involved and actively help design this new world of work.