Improvement of Interfaces Guided by MES M-XRAY

The structure of a Simulink model reflects the recursive decomposition of the system into sub-functions. In addition to technical aspects, such as the distribution to different compile units (or different clock frequencies) or organizational aspects such as distributed development, reducing complexity with regards to understandability is the main issue when it comes to structuring. Each time the model is broken down into subsystems (subsystem, library subsystem, model reference), creating the interface is, alongside selecting the subsystem's content, the central design task. Experience has shown that much more attention is given to system decomposition than to interface design and maintenance. Particularly in agile development, interfaces are subject to regular changes, meaning their quality needs to be checked more frequently. This presentation will outline how to measure and assess the quality of subsystem and model interfaces with the help of MES M-XRAY. Practical examples will demonstrate how interfaces can be improved for understandability and how this leads to an improvement in the quality of the overall system.


Ferry Bachmann

Ferry Bachmann (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)

Ferry Bachmann joined MES in 2014 as Product Manager and is responsible for the development of MES M-XRAY®, achieving considerable progress in model complexity definition. He also supports MES tool development in the automation of internal quality assurance by means of continuous integration and Jenkins.