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REVaMP² 2016-2019: Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process

Funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), ITEA 3
Project partners: e.g. ABB, AVL GmbH, Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI), Robert Bosch GmbH, Saab AB, SOFTEAM Cadextan Research
Lead partner: Andrey Sadovykh, SOFTEAM Cadextan Research


The REVaMP² project looks to reduce the effort required to migrate to a product line. The outcome this project is aiming for is the automated generation of software product lines based on already existing products. For this research project, MES will develop technologies to analyze software models in order to determine model partitions that can be used on parallel platforms. Beyond this, MES will also contribute to asset analysis and visualization.