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MES Webinar Series

We will be continuing our successfully launched MES Webinar series. In each series, we will inform you about tools, applications, and concepts to optimize model-based software development and give you the chance to exchange ideas with our experts.

Participation in our webinars is of course free of charge. Webinars are held in English (unless otherwise stated).


Upcoming topics:

Promoting the ISO 26262 Safety Culture: 3 Quality Assurance Techniques for Model-Based Software Development

by LHP Engineering Solutions and Model Engineering Solutions Inc.

ISO 26262 is an automotive standard for safety critical applications, and introduces a number of topics that are not common practice in the industry. One of the high level changes is establishing a “Safety Culture” where safety is one of the highest priorities. This is contrary to the traditional priority list where schedules and cost are some of the highest priorities.

This webinar will discuss 3 quality assurance techniques that support the Safety Culture for Model-Based Software Development. These techniques will focus on Part 6 sections 7 through 10 (Sw Arch, Sw Unit Design and Implementation, SW Unit Testing, and SW Integration Testing).

ISO 26262 – Part 6, Table 3 lists a number of principles of software architectures that many people do not know how to quantify and implement. Technique 1 addresses Table 3. Technique 2 will address the vague statement that a modeling style guide is needed without describing the content. Finally, Technique 3 will address testing and how to do some of the required tracing, (automated) validation, and documentation.

The webinar will take place in English:

Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Time: 6-7:30 pm CEST (Berlin)/ 12 pm EDT (Detroit)/ 9:30 pm IST (Bangalore)/ 12 am CST (Beijing)/ 1 am JST (Tokyo)
Registration: https://model-engineers-event-en.webex.com/model-engineers-event-en/onstage/g.php?MTID=e588580577d3491afb7386ebeb099a134

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