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MES Webinar Series

We will be continuing our successfully launched MES Webinar series. In each series, we will inform you about tools, applications, and concepts to optimize model-based software development and give you the chance to exchange ideas with our experts.

Participation in our webinars is of course free of charge. Webinars are held in English (unless otherwise stated).


Upcoming topics:

News in MTest v. 6.2

The MES Test Manager (MTest) is the established tool for requirements-based testing of software models using formalized requirements. MTest delivers a comprehensive documentation of the test and its results, which is essential for safeguarding safety-relevant functions in particular. In this way, the quality and completeness of a test can be reliably assessed. In addition to a short introduction of significant functions, this webinar shows the new features of the current version of MTest. These include significant performance improvement for Simulink/Embedded Coder users, excluding selected subsystems in model/code coverage, and improved Simulink Data Dictionary (SLDD) support.


The webinar will take place in English:


Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Time: 4-5 pm CEST (Berlin)/ 10 am EDT (Detroit)/ 7:30 pm IST (Bangalore)/ 10 pm CST (Beijing)/ 11 am JST (Tokyo)
Registration: https://model-engineers-event.webex.com/model-engineers-event-en/onstage/g.php?MTID=eb6322bb2262093941df6ac6e32955775


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