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What if ... 50% Reduction in Effort?

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Is the embedded automotive software industry reaching a breaking point?

Some observations:

  • Many companies have multiple openings for software/control developer
  • Economic forecasts are indicating 100s of thousands of projected unfilled technical openings in the upcoming years
  • Automotive software content per vehicle on high end vehicles (100 million lines of code) already require about 3-4 times the size and hence complexity of aerospace software on a plane
  • With emerging applications such as ADAS, electrification, autonomous, the quantity of automotive software is rapidly increasing
  • Expensive product recalls due to software errors are rising

With all this pressure on the embedded software development industry, would reducing the effort to generate high quality software by up to 50% in select process steps be beneficial?

The webinar was recorded on July 2, 2019 in English.

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