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MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) - Signal-Routing


This video shows you, using examples, five important actions to add or remove signals in huge Simulink models with MES Model and Refactor® (MoRe).

You will learn how to:

• Add a signal across a subsystem hierarchy in just a few clicks, be it by adding a signal from a lower level to a higher level, or adding a signal to a completely different subsystem, using the “Add Cross-Hierarchy Signal” action
• Use the “Add Input Signal from Higher Level” and “Add Output Signal up to Higher level” actions to quickly add new external signals without having to leave the subsystem you are working on
• Remove a signal that branches between two subsystems, without leaving the subsystem with the “Remove Cross-Hierarchy Signal Backward” action
• Use the "Remove Cross-Hierarchy Signal Forward” action to remove a signal forward along its branches and see where the signal was used before, so that you can adjust your model accordingly
• Improve the readability of the model by converting Goto/From blocks to signal lines, using the “Convert Goto/From to Line” action

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