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MES Model & Refactor® (MoRe) - Partition


This video will introduce you to the most important partition actions in MES Model and Refactor® (MoRe) for improving the structure of your model.

You will learn how to:

• Move selected blocks into our out of subsystems, while retaining all signal connections, using the “Move Blocks Down / Up” action
• Use the “Split Subsystem” action to split a subsystem into two subsystems on the same level, e.g. when you are working on a subsystem which has two independent parts
• Merge subsystems, which have closely related content, with the “Merge Subsystems” action
• Use the “Create Subsystem” action to create a subsystem from selected blocks and let MES MoRe automatically name the ports, not only according to connected signals, but also according to connected ports

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