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MBD: 10 Problems Solved

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Slide preview Outline 10 Exemplary Challenges in Model Based Development

Model-based software design (MBD) took off in the 1990s when tools like Simulink® and MatrixX® were transitioning from academic or research tools to production enabling tools. MBD rapidly expanded with the introduction of efficient automatic code generation in 1999, aided by tools such as Embedded Coder® and TargetLink®. However, much to the chagrin of some of its early proponents, MBD is not a silver bullet that can solve all software development concerns.

Nevertheless, when properly implemented, MBD can help with generating higher quality code more quickly and can also help to reduce costs. However, poor processes, tools, and execution can also result in poor quality code that costs more and takes longer to create. This webinar addresses ten problems associated with software development and proposes solutions to these issues.

The webinar was recorded on November 26, 2019 in English.

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