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Model like a Pro!

In this webinar we discussed the challenges of model-based development, the best practices for overcoming these challenges effectively and quickly, and how the right tools can help you model like a pro!

Managing the growing complexity of models is a major challenge in Model-Based Development (MBD). When implemented correctly, MBD can improve code quality, reduce costs, and accelerate schedules for safety-critical software development.

Today, with the increasing sophistication of automotive ECUs with advanced features, the complexity of models and software is increasing exponentially, along with stringent quality, reliability, and safety requirements. Regulatory compliance, such as ISO 26262, further emphasizes the need for specialized skills, in-depth knowledge, and the right tools for Model-Based Development.

The MES Model Examiner® (MXAM) is the leading tool to ensure the comprehensive static analysis of your models. MXAM analyses model structure and evaluates model metrics, while providing an easy way to review modelling guidelines, making it an all-in-one tool. MES, with its tools, strives for a world of safe technology in mobility and advocates quality assurance in model-driven embedded software development.

The strategic partnership between Embedded Systems Solutions (ESS) and Model Engineering Solutions (MES) aims to train MBD engineers on modelling best practices, provide the right modelling tools to bridge any skill gap with modelling experience/expertise and help ensure high software quality.

The webinar was recorded on March 14, 2024 in English.


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