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Does Safe Also Mean Secure Software? - Automotive Safety & Cybersecurity

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Slide preview "Does Safe Also Mean Secure Software? - Automotive Safety & Cybersecurity"

In the past, cars only had to do one thing: drive. Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry is the transition from hardware-based product to software-defined vehicle. More and more OEMs are becoming software companies, as software becomes the main area of development in cars. Cars are becoming computers on wheels. New technological capabilities such as over-the-air updates and the integration of personal digital devices are placing additional demands on IT security (cybersecurity). Industry standards such as ISO 21434 "Road vehicles - Cybersecurity engineering" provide solutions.

But where do to the existing safety standards and the additional security standard come into automotive software development? What impact
does cybersecurity have on the model-based development and quality assurance of automotive software?

Our upcoming webinar tackles these questions. We will give an initial overview of the similarities and differences between ISO 21434 (Cybersecurity), ISO 26262 (Functional Safety), and ISO 21448 (SOTIF), and how they complement each other.

The webinar was recorded on September 23, 2022 in English.

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