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Auto Layout Your Models and MoRe

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Slide preview "Auto Layout Your Models and MoRe"

Make Simulink modeling easier and focus on the larger steps instead of wasting time on small, monotonous modeling steps. Studies show that about 30 percent of modeling time in Simulink is spent on just the layout of subsystems. Do you also feel that instead of moving blocks and lines, your time would be better invested elsewhere? Would you also prefer a uniform layout in the model instead of multiple personal layout styles?
In this webinar, we showed how MES Model & Refactor (MoRe) automatically lays out the subsystems for you and ensures a consistent style. We also demonstrated how you can use MoRe to perform other time-consuming modeling tasks with just a few clicks, such as creating signal connections across many subsystem layers.

The webinar was recorded on January 24, 2023 in English.

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