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Agile Model-Based Software Development & Agile Model Testing

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Developing embedded software according to agile principles, while at the same time meeting functional safety standards: in this webinar, we showed you how it can be achieved. We took a closer look at the current state-of-the-art approach for developing embedded applications namely model-based software development. In the automotive industry, defined processes and methods along with established toolchains ensure compliance with the high standards and functional safety requirements for the developed applications. The best practices of general software development, on the other hand, recommend overcoming strict waterfall process models and promoting agile methods to better cope with real-world challenges such as unclear requirements or last-minute specification changes. Introducing agile methods into the process-driven software development of safety-relevant functions can make them more efficient and robust in the face of precisely those real-world challenges without compromising safety standards. Automatically controlled toolchains, e.g. using Jenkins, take over a large part of the inspection and test routines for quality assurance in compliance with ISO 26262. In this webinar, we looked at concepts and best practices for agile model-based software development in compliance with ISO 26262.

The webinar was recorded on June 14, 2024 in English.


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