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5 Views of the Product Quality of Your Software

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Slide preview "5 Views of the Product Quality of Your Software"

Software development is complex. It is usually not possible to make precise ad hoc statements about the current product quality. This leaves developers working from their intuition and the danger is that areas where action is needed may be identified too late. However, it is possible to automatically collect and evaluate KPIs during the development process in order to better assess risks.

The basis for this are quality models in compliance with ISO 25010, which allow structured calculation and aggregation of quality data. One tool that works with this method is the MES Quality Commander® (MQC). MQC calculates and visualizes the current quality status. MQC also helps to identify the need for action at an early stage to get to the root of the matter. We invite you to take a look at a software product from different perspectives with us in this free webinar so that you can form your own impression.

The webinar was recorded on November 10 and 11, 2020 in English.

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