MES Summer School on Introduction to Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems

Date: June 11 - 15, 2018
Language: English

Jakub Mazur,
Edscha Engineering GmbH

"If you’re looking for the best training on model-based software development and software quality, you don’t need to look further.”

Jürgen Borst,
Huber Automotive AG

"A high-graded overview over all processes needed for software development in safety relevant software projects.”

Nick Broyles,
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

"The training class provided exactly the overview I wanted for my team on the ISO 26262 process and the best practices for integrating model-based development into that process.”

Oscar Hernandez,
Stoneridge, Inc.

"Those who took part in the U.S. course now have the knowledge and tools to determine the next steps to successfully deploy model-based development in their own workplace.”


We are pleased to look back on a successful MES Summer School 2018.

Participants spent five fruitful days in Berlin with MES instructors providing a thorough introduction to model-based software development. Model-based development of embedded systems is a mature technology to create technical software applications with high quality and efficiency. The MES Summer School 2018 focused on how this technology is applied in the automotive and automation industry, among others.

To begin, the Summer School program provided an introduction to modeling, with participants learning about and working on elicitation and management of requirements, definition of architectures, and the design of a model structure. Particular attention was paid to static and dynamic quality assurance methods to ensure that models from which high-quality software is sourced are suitable for safety-critical systems. By applying all relevant process steps during the Summer School’s hands-on sessions, participants faced all the typical challenges of modeling safety-critical systems. The idea here is to ensure that participants are well prepared when it comes to applying the relevant process steps to their own projects. To complete the picture, MES presented recommendations of applicable standards in the field such as IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and ASPICE.

The group was kept purposefully small to allow for individual supervision, while the experienced training team and a relaxed atmosphere meant that participants could learn all that is necessary for safeguarding their safety-critical embedded software. The participants of the MES Summer School 2018 came away with a comprehensive overview of model-based development of embedded systems as well as knowledge and skills that they can apply in real-world scenarios.

SAE Certificate of Competency

New in 2018:
Participants had the opportunity to achieve the SAE Certificate of Competency at the MES Summer School 2018 by passing the evaluation exercise as part of the training workshop.

  • Introduction to model-based development of embedded software in line with Simulink tool chains
  • Comprehensive development process, including requirements acquisition, architectural design, function development, and implementation, as well as target integration
  • Full coverage of quality assurance activities required for safety-critical systems
  • Hands-on experience with real-world models and tools
  • Alignment with relevant standards, i.e. ISO 26262 (functional safety), ISO 250xx (SW product quality), and ASPICE

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the MES Summer School 2018.